titre les fées d'hiver

sur le marché

This year, Christmas Father is too busy.
He's asked his good old friend, The Winter King, for help.
The majestic old man, highly dressed in his white coat,
offers him the assistance of his daughters.
Christmas Father entrusts them with
the « well-behaved children's list »,
so as to make sure that no-one gets forgotten
before the huge distribution of Christmas' gifts...

... Proud of being trusted, Blanche, Cristal and Céleste
take their mission to heart and immediately travel down
to earth with all their luggages.
Elegant, trim and charming,
dressed to the finest,
they go searching around for well-behaved  kids.
Carefree and dreamy,
overwhelming emotions make them sing and dance
hence contaminating all their entourage...

... With the help of their telescope they identify the kids
and dip in their luggages for tricks
to verify their good behavior
(all-seeing magnifying glass, cock-and-bull questions, magic formulas...)
and foremost, whether they appear on the famous list...

... but Christmas Father never forgets anyone...


Avec les enfants



Walkabout show, punctuated by interactive scenes
and sustained by an original soundtrack.
Three dancing actresses of various heights
(cothurnus and stilts of 60cm and 1m),
muffled in their silvery and gold snowcoats,
lit by fireflies (luminous leds)
Counting rhymes and close-by pyrotechnics
(gold-dust flakes, snow and confettis)
punctuate their walkabout.